I am currently offering private appointments for hands and arms only, done in my style or from photos that you love.  

I specialize in Indo-fusion designs.

Note: I do not specialize in highly personalized, symbolic motifs, Sacred Geometry, or animals.  These requests will be considered, but only accepted if I feel I can do them well.  An added fee may apply. 

I use natural red-brown HENNA, natural blue-black JAGUA, or a blend of the two.  

*I do not do jagua on the palms.*

 Appointments start a $85/hr. locally (Burbank, Toluca Lake, NoHo, Studio City, Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Pasadena.)  A travel fee may be added for other areas. 

Private Appointments



Although I do not specialize, per se, in "traditional bridal mehndi" with highly dense coverage, I LOVE doing hands and arms! 

If you would like LIGHT OR MODERATE coverage bridal mehndi in my style, I'd love to hear from you. 

Just for fun and beauty

Mehndi is a fantastic way to show yourself some love and self-care.


If you are planning on getting a permanent tattoo, making a jagua appointment prior is a great way to make sure you love what will be on your forever. 

Maternity mehndi

Many women love having their bellies painted with mehndi in their 8th month of gestation. 

Special upcoming event

Mehndi is great for a special event such as a awards ceremonies, grand openings, anniversaries, or anything!


Clients often want to look extra special on their vacation travels.  Mehndi done in a tourist town can often be dangerous (look up "black henna") so it is best to have it done with a reputable mehndi artist prior to your trip.

Note to New Clients

If you are a new client, in order to best serve you, I will need to gather some information from you prior to your appointment.  

-Is there a particular date you need your body art to look its best? ie. Your wedding, a vacation, etc

     This is very important, as it takes time for a henna or jagua stain to develop

-What body part/s would you like to have done? 

-What amount of coverage would you like?

       Both hands and arms would be a longer appointment than just one hand

-Would you like henna or jagua?

-Do you have any allergies to any fruits or essential oils

-Do you have 1-3 photos of the style and coverage you like?  

-What part of L.A. are you in?

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