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parties and private appointments

parties and private appointmentsparties and private appointments
Erynne on the set of "Little Women: L.A."

Film and Television

Henna for film and television

Body art is used for all sorts of productions including television shows, movies, videos, photo shoots, commercials and plays.

Real henna is great for any scene featuring South Asian culture.  Jagua is a great way to get the look of real tattoos without the needles! 

We have done henna and jagua (and other body art) for several productions including t.v.shows (Little Women: L.A., Keeping Up With the Kardashians), national commercials (State Farm, Uber Content), an indie film (The Track), and various photo shoots. 

The thing that the production crew MUST KNOW, is that real henna and jagua take at least 12 hours after paste removal to oxidize and show up, and ideally should be done 2-3 days prior to any shoot.  

If your production needs henna or jagua body art for a scene, please leave time for consulting, application, skin-contact time (3-8 hours), and color-developing time.

If it's last minute, we have products that can fake the look and which can also be removed the same day by the actor or model.  

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Do you have a film, video, or photo shoot that you'd like henna for?  Or perhaps you need something that looks like a real tattoo.  

Feel free to inquire with me for art and/or technical advising.